Oktober 04, 2010

Benefits of Laughing Gymnastic

Indonesian Psychiatric Association informed that 94 percent of the population in Indonesia suffered depression and stress. This is the reason why National Integration Movement organized a weekly laughing gymnastic. “Laughter can create hormone melatonin, which overcomes stress and depression,” said Maya Safira Muchtar. She is a therapist in L’Ayurveda Center for Inner Beauty and Holistic Care Jakarta Indonesia.

Furthermore, Maya said, based on scientific research laughing 1 minute is equal to 20 minutes of exercise. Thus, we can increase Oxygen (O2) levels in the blood. Other benefits of laughing are smoothing blood flow, reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing the body endurance, producing endorphin hormone, as a natural tranquilizer, massaging the lung and contracting 80 nerve points in the body, relaxing muscles, relieving constipation, reducing blood pressure, and stimulating the left and right brain.

Only human being who are able to laugh. The animal does not have this unique capability. Indeed, most of them, especially mammals can only cry. For instance, if you want to massacre cows, you can see their tear drop from the eyes. Elephant, whale, and gorilla are other crying liked animals.

Laughing gymnastic is also very cheap. We do not need to spend extra money to be healthy. Furthermore, laughing is a universal activity. This belongs to all human being. Whatever your religions, nations, social status, economic levels, and so on we can still laugh together in unity. Our world is full of misery. Laughing gymnastic is a simple way to be happy. Therefore, let us laugh together :-)

Source: http://hiburan.kompasiana.com/group/humor/2010/10/04/benefits-of-laughing gymnastic/

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