Oktober 13, 2010

Rhythm of Love, Peace and Harmony

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Mrs Shambana said that peace is the celebration of plurality. This insightful definition of peace was stated by that member of the Indian Parliament at the global forum "The Power of Peace through Information and Communication" hosted by UNESCO in association with the Indonesian Government (Bali, January 21st - 23rd 2007).

Voice of Indonesia is Anand Krishna's fourth book in English. The book presents three main ideas: My Nation, The World and Humanity. Anand believes that the resurgence of modern Indonesia automatically contributes to the building of Neo Humanity: One Earth-One Sky-One Humankind.

Prof. Sudjarwadi, the Rector of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta Indonesia shared that he has a habit of taking a morning walk with his beloved wife. One day they were passing by rice field near their home. They saw an old woman digging the ground. They were curious why she was digging the ground so early in the morning. Whether it would have been better if she kept on staying at home because it was still dark and the weather was very cold.

Sudjarwadi's wife asked her, "Excuse me, but may I know what you are doing?" The old woman straightened her back and answered, "Oh, I am making a way for water. This is for my neighbor's field. I am afraid her rice would not get enough water." What a humble woman, she dug the drainage to make a way so that the water could flow to the neighbor's filed. She left home very early to share with her neighbors. She is like a candle that sparks light in the midst of human greed that often sacrifices others.

This book also documented the interview between Michele Lee (American Journalist) and Anand Krishna (No Run-of-the-Mill Spiritual Guru), which has been published in The Jakarta Post (August 29, 2006). An interesting question appears - why is Love the only solution to solve our multidimensional problems?

Anand explained that Love is the deepest emotion of human beings. It is the deepest part of human's inner self. When the solution is deep enough, the result is also quite long term. Furthermore, this famous spiritual leader gave an analogy between love and a tree. If the roots grow deep into he earth, then we will have a big tree. So this is the same thing, we should have a solution that is deep enough within our being and then we can expect a result, which is long term result.

The language style of the book very simple, friendly and funky. Kerry B. Collison, an international best-selling author commented on it, "...renowned spiritualist Anand Krishna's compilation of his perspectives in English article released as Voice of Indonesia is a must read."

Each topic is different. Yet, the core message is love and spiritual self-empowerment. Voice of Indonesia is the rhythm of love, peace and harmony that resemble in our heart.

Voice of Indonesia by Anand Krishna, reviewed by Nugroho Angkasa
First Published by Anand Krishna Global Cooperative Society Bali Indonesia (2007)
Number of Pages: xxv + 260

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