September 23, 2011

The Allegation of Muhammad Abrory Djabbar to Be Behind the Case of Anand Krishna Becomes Stronger

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Thursday, September 22, 2011 1:41 West Indonesia Time Zone


JAKARTA, RIMANEWS- In the follow up of the legal case that affects the interfaith and pluralist figure Anand Krishna at District Court (PN) in South Jakarta on Wednesday (21 / 9), the team of judges who was led by Albertina Ho questioned in unison the motives behind this case. They also rejected the evidence that is irrelevant and not related to this case. Dwi Ria Latifa SH, one of Anand's lawyers, said.

Ria added, "In this closed courtroom, my client revealed the peculiarities and the alleged fabrication of this legal case against him because of his being vocal when expressing his criticism and against those who violated the values of humanity in Indonesia through the writings and speeches at national symposiums. He also admitted that Mohammad Djumaat Abrory Djabbar ever attended his ashram. Djabbar is suspected as the brain behind this case. "

"Besides, Abrory admitted that he has worked as an informant for one of the State Institutions, and when the agency was dissolved, Abrory allegedly then tried to earn his living in a suspicious way. Abrory once offered peace to one of Anand’s lawyers, Darwin Aritonang SH, in exchange for the handover of the assets Anand Ashram foundation (affiliated with the United Nations) in order to terminate his legal case. Abrory also told the same thing to one witness from Anand Ashram’s Fans Community. Hence Abrory’s role in this case is very central and gives strong indications in the fabrication of this case. And all this may have happened because of money alone" said the activist of women's rights and former Member of Parliament, when we met her after the hearing.

"It is peculiar that witnesses such as Dian Mayasari and Farahdiba, who claimed to be the victims of abuse in 2002-2004, have showed a sky-high appreciation to Anand in writing in their books in 2005-2006. More surprisingly is the liaison of witness Shinta Kencana Kheng with the former presiding Judge, Hari Sasangka, when the trial was still going in District Court.

Dian Mayasari, who is also Abrory’s wife refused to attend the trial for her re-examination even though the prosecutor had summoned her several times. All this clearly does not conform to the legal norms. And it’s full of irregularities," he added.

In the meanwhile, Darwin Aritonang SH said in the trial his party protested against the evidence that had been changed during the process of the submission of the evidence that also included the irrelevant evidence which the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Martha P Berliana Tobing attempted to submit to the Team of Judges.

"The Team of Judges rejected the videotaped evidence in which my client had nothing to do with all. And obviously the video has been previously edited. In the previous trial, the prosecutor also had handed a necklace in as evidence. But that is not on the list of confiscated materials. Strangely enough the evidence suddenly disappeared this time.

Moreover, there are photocopied books with the title of Brainwashing Methodology. There is Anand Krishna's name underneath the title. It gives the impression that the books were written by him. In fact they are not books written by my client. And it’s righteous that the Team of Judges rejected those books as evidence," he said.

In this trial, the Team of Judges also eventually granted the request of Anand Krishna’s lawyers to investigate the crime scene in order to get a whole perspective and verification of the testimonies of the witnesses in the courtroom. "We thank the Team of Judges who has scheduled an investigation of the scene in very near future," said Darwin.

(Translated by Sylvia Antaresa)

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