Juli 16, 2011

Albertina Ho: Witness' testimony could be unused

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This news was translated by Rahayuning Harny from an article at http://suaramerdeka.com/v1/index.php/read/news/2011/07/13/90873/Albertina-Ho-Menilai-Keterangan-Saksi-Bisa-Tidak-Dipakai Suara Merdeka

Jakarta, Indonesia, CyberNews - Witness' testimony that often change only in a few minutes made the judge in Anand Krishna's trial, Albertina Ho became furious. Then, she would consider not to take that testimony from the only witness who present, Farahdiba Agustin, at South Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (13/7/2011).

"The witness was very inconsistent in giving her testimony. Therefore, Judge Albertino Ho said that her statement could be unused as a testimony," said Dwi Ria Latifa SH, Anand Krishna's attorney in front of the South Jakarta District Court.

She added, there were so many things that do not make sense in her testimony. For example, at a certain minute she positioned herself as the accuser but then she played as a witness in the next minute. She also told that her breast was touched, but when asked more detail, then she changed her statement and admitted that she previously dismissed it.

"We do not know which one is correct, or perhaps nothing is true, and it could be all just imagination" said Latifa. Ria Latifa also said, "it did not reflect the behavior of an activist who postpone on a case, unless there is another purpose behind this case."


On this occasion, Anand Krishna also denied the testimony of Farahdiba Agustin, and again invited the judges to come to One Earth at Ciawi to notice directly the place of the alleged crime.

It is in order to prove that testimony from Farahdiba or so-called Fay, and other witnesses are not true at all. There is no accordance between the description of the incident with the real place, and it's impossible happened at the place which they meant.

Meanwhile, when contacted by phone, another Anand's lawyer, Humphrey Djemat, argued that testimony from Farahdiba Agustin is contrary to other witnesses' testimony. Especially, related to the several meetings between them before reporting this case to the police.

"The witness admitted only once joined a meeting with Muhammad Djumaat Abrory Djabbar and initially did not plan to report it to the police. While the other witnesses claimed than Farahdiba Agustin almost always joined those meetings to plan a report to the police. Some say 5 times, and some say 3-4 times," Humphrey said firmly to the Press.

Today (13/7/2011), the prosecutor, Martha P Berliana SH presented only one witness. Although once she had stated that the trial has been last long and should be done quickly and efficiently.

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