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Donating Blood at Indonesia’s Independence Day and the Month of Ramadhan

Jakarta : Indonesia | Aug 23, 2011
Anand Ashram Foundation
Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with UN) was found by Anand Krishna
A man donating blood


August 18th, 2011 06:11 West Indonesia Time Zone

Jakarta, INDONESIA, Wednesday (17/8), in coincidence with the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day of the 66th years and the holy month of Ramadhan, Anand Ashram Foundation held another social service. The meditation training and holistic health center founded by Anand Krishna co-operated with Mataram School Foundation – St. Caroline School, and neighborhood association (RW) of Sunter Jaya. The event took place at St. Caroline School of Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta.

Anand Ashram Foundation also invited the residents of Sunter Jaya and its surroundings to give a meaning to the 66th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day by the spirit of “giving”, which was concretely carried out through blood donation. This invitation was welcomed by all members of Sunter Jaya, the Mataram School Foundation’s caretakers, and especially by the teachers of St. Caroline School.

No wonder there was a queue of about a hundred people lined up neatly since 08:30 A.M until 12:00 noon. Although some of the participants were fasting, their desire to give was nevertheless unabated.

The donors aged between 17-50 years old who were present could not automatically donate blood. Why? Because of several health considerations. Examples of those who can’t donate blood are: women having their period, those who are taking antibiotics, feeling unwell, or suffering from other serious diseases.

“There is an urgent need for blood supply during the month of Ramadhan,” said an employee of the North Jakarta Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) who was on duty.

Altough usually the residents of Sunter Jaya have a variety of routines at the anniversary of the Independence Day, yet the enthusiasm of the people was praiseworthy.

“Salute to all friends willing to take the time in order to facilitate North Jakarta Indonesian Red Cross and to the donors on our country’s Independence Day. Please continue the spirit of sharing with others. ‘Luck’ for us, the children of Indonesia,” said Eddy Soetrisno (36), one of the leaders of Mataram Foundation enthusiastically. He was the first donor this morning.

Then, what about our brothers and sisters who are fasting?

“Who is afraid of fasting? How beautiful that we, as Muslims, can also donate. It’s a blessing to be able to participate. We want to do it some more when we get invited, although during the time of fasting,” explained Norma Harsono (58) one of the donors who were fasting. Since morning the whole family members already prepared themselves. To those who are fasting, it’s not an impediment to keep their donating blood.

Doctor Made Aryana (44) from Anand Ashram Foundation said there are 5 benefits of being a donor. They are: maintaining the health of the heart, increasing the production of red blood cells, helping to decrease body weight, gaining psychological health, detecting serious diseases – during the examination.

Among the donors was a student at the Faculty of Humanities of University of Indonesia (FIB-UI) from Laos, Vientiane, Mr. Souksavay Bounnara (23), one of the students exchange program participants, “I feel fine, I have great expectations. I can feel everybody happy. I feel they are doing good deeds even when fasting, we can still do good for all.”

There was a sense of satisfaction radiating from the faces of the donors after their turn. They were happy although it was their first experience. And there were some who had donated blood for more than 50 times. Who is afraid of donating blood? (Reporter: David Edzar Purba, Fotografer: Prabu Dennaga, Editor: T. Nugroho A, Translator: Sylvia Antaresa)

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