November 03, 2011

International Petition: Free Anand Krishna for Justice!

Target: Petition will be sent to Human Rights Council
Region: Indonesia
Web site:

Background (Preamble):
Anand Krishna, Humanist, Spiritual Activist, and Author of more than 140 Books CELEBRATING PLURALISM has been victimized, persecuted for HIS BELIEF IN THE ONENESS OF MANKIND.

A group of people sued him against sexual harassment charges, which has NEVER BEEN PROVEN in the court of Law, and yet he has been indicted with imprisonment for 2 1/2 years. Indeed, the accusers are proven to have conspired against him and conducting road-shows as well as black campaign on media months before finally reporting to the police.

1. April 9th 2010; Before even his witnesses appeared to defend him, he was imprisoned by the judge
2. AK went on hunger strike in the prison, which lasted for 49 days before he was bailed.
3. In between he was taken to the hospitals twice, after collapsing at the court and collapsing again with blood sugar at 64 only and he also suffered from minor stroke in the prison that has irreversibly affected his left leg.
4. His reason for hunger strike was, "It is to ensure that no anand krishna in future is ever persecuted this way again. My struggle is against injustice, it is against adharma."
5. His faith was proved beyond doubt, when 5 witnesses with hundreds of pictures went to the Judicial Commission and the Supreme Court to report one of the witnesses standing against him, Shinta Kencana Kheng, who apparently had an affair with the chief judge of the pannel trying him.
6. Subsequently, the entire pannel of judges was changed.
7. The New Pannel started the case all over again by recalling 12 witnesses, one of them never showed up. This is wife of the main conspirator Muhammad Djumaat Abrory Djabbar, in whose house the meetings took place months before AK was reported, and where the whole strategy to defame AK was carefully planned out.
8. On 26th October, the prosecutor Martha Berliana Tobing read out her indictment, where TO THE DISGRACE of the Judicial system, and justice, she DID NOT CONSIDER the COURT PRECEEDINGS for the past 14 months, and based her indictment entirely upon the initial charges based on the charges made by the police.
9. The time is very short and running fast. On the 7th November Anand Krishna and his lawyers will read their testimonies, plead NOT GUILTY, with tons of evidences how he has been victimized.

Can we sit still while this one man is being maltreated and persecuted this way? The man has been a vocal activist speaking, writing, contributing for magazines, journals and newspapers, while actively engaging himself in the peaceful and nonviolent demonstrations and campaigns. His passion is all humanity and all human issues, from the environment, to the increasing radicalization of society, racial and religious discrimination, education, etc, etc, etc.

We, the undersigned, who believe in PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY, will not let the voice of nationality, harmony mission, and the principal of unity in diversity, to be silent by anyone, any organization, who ever they are.

Help OUR SHARED vision and cause by signing this petition NOW and broadcasting it among your friends immediately. We have to submit this petition at the same time when he is reading his testimony on the 7th of November. Please ACT NOW if you share the same vision of "ONE EARTH, ONE SKY, and ONE HUMANKIND."

SUPPORT NOW if you believe in PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY. SIGN NOW at, for this is not his plight alone, this is a blow to PLURALISM and INTERFAITH HARMONY. To know more about him and his works you can click the following links:,,,,

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