November 17, 2011

One Earth School and Sari Husada’s Nutrition Education 13 November 2011

RIMANEWS-One Earth School (OES) and Sari Husada’s Nutrition Education “Let’s be Alert about Nutrition” at the fourth meeting on Nov 13, 2011 at East PAUD venue, Taman Pintar delivered material about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and how to develop the love to ourselves. Through a simple exercises to empower love, both for children and parents. They were asked to touch their own body as a first step toward a holistic health.

In the final segment of this meeting, to reinforce about the healthy eating habit and also to maintain the value of universal peace, love, and harmony, the parents and children worked together to color a worksheet about healthy eating and write various universal values from the culture of this archipelago, such as mutual cooperation (gotong-royong), peace, love, and harmony.

Maintaining a healthy diet habit and develop the value of peace, love and harmony in our daily life is like a vehicle that can bring us to be the world class citizens.


(Reporter: Amira Fawzia, Translator: T. Nugroho)

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