Juni 16, 2011

Anand Krishna's Comments about Hari Sasangka's Peculiar Decisions

Jumat, 17 Jun 2011 12:56 WIB

The Honorable Judge Albertina Ho
South Jakarta District Court (Indonesia)
June 15th, 2011

The Honorable Team of Judges,
Thank you very much for the opportunity given to me.

The Honorable Team of Judges, during the whole trial process since August last year, when the Honorable Judge Drs. Hari Sasangka became the Chairman of the Team of Judges, there were many things, many peculiarities which have made me very confused:

1. I do not know why the questions asked to the witnesses or to me, during all this time, concerned more about my thoughts, my works and activities, and about matters that, in my opinion, had nothing to do with the charge?

2. I do not know why a witness was allowed to threaten me and to utter the words that I should be killed – and that happened in the Your Honor’s courtroom – is that not considered an offense against the Team of Judges?

3. I do not know why some witnesses, who are considered as the victim witnesses, were allowed to sit in this courtroom whereas they are not the reporting witness – while the prosecuting witness herself was only present 2-3 times?

4. I do not know why one of the witnesses present in this courtroom could interrupt the Leading Judge and even shoved what they considered “evidence” in his hand – yet again it has nothing to do with the charges?

5. I also do not know whether or not it is customary when suddenly there is something regarded as evidence, yet again it is not mentioned on the list of confiscated evidence?

6. I do not know if the principle of Innocent until Proven Guilty was still valid, so that I was detained for some time before my witnesses were present to give their testimony?

7. I do not know why my health was declared stable while I was receiving an intravenous and was being treated at the hospital, that it can be interpreted as healthy, and then they removed the intravenous, and I was sent back to the Detention Center – when in less that 48 hours – my glucose level dropped drastically from 128 to 64 when I was re-examined at the Police Hospital? The Honorable Team of Judges, I do not know if this is a human rights violation, and if yes, is this a grave violation, trivial, or what?

(Note: glucose level under 70 can cause somebody to collapse, to lose consciousness and enter a state of coma, and can be fatal. Moreover I also suffer from diabetes, considering that usually my glucose level is almost 150 although I take medication every day).

8. I also do not know, although there was an indication of light stroke and narrowing of the right hemisphere of brain which happened within 48 hours in the Detention Center – and the Police Hospital already referred me to another hospital for a further examination with an MRI, which equipment was not available at the Police Hospital – what has made the Team of Judges, at that time, needed more than 2 weeks to issue the permission? Can that be considered human rights violations or not?

9. I also do not know whether or not Your Honor can utter words, which in my opinion sound quite rude, such as “this person is weird” or “disgusting” in a courtroom?

The Honorable Team of Judges,

These peculiarities are only a small part of a longer list of peculiarities where the witnesses who support the prosecuting witness clearly have planned this case for months, and then attack me in the media and road-show to various parties before reporting it to the Police.

Therefore, it seems natural that suspicions arose that the minutes prepared by the Honorable Judge Hari Sasangka has a tendentious character and ignores the facts of the trial.

So, herewith, with all humility I ask the Team of Judges to:
• The Honorable Judges listen again the original recording, so that the facts of the trial will be revealed clearly.

(Note: I have submitted the original recording on a CD and the transcript to the Team of Judges)

That is it, The Honorable Team of Judges - My prayer, may God Almighty clear the minds and hearts of us all.

Anand Krishna, June 15th, 2011

Source: http://www.rimanews.com/read/20110617/32012/anand-krishnas-comments-about-hari-sasangkas-peculiar-decisions

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