Juni 07, 2011

Hari Sasangka Has an Affair with Shinta Kencana Kheng

Selasa, 7 Jun 2011 12:57 WIB

JAKARTA, RIMANEWS- The Chief Judge of South Jakarta District Court in Anand Krishna' case, Hari Sasangka was reported to the Judicial Commission for violating the code of ethics. This report was conducted by the attorney of Anand Krishna, Humphrey R Djemat on Monday (6/6).

Hari was alleged committing a disgraceful act in a form of relationship with the victim witness, Shinta Kencana Kheng and it showed his unfairness.

"The report is purely an alleged violation to the code of ethics because the judge has committed a disgraceful act. The judge was having a relationship with a female witness in the case that was examined by him at the South Jakarta District Court, that's Anand Krishna's case," Humphrey said in Yudicial Commission's office on Monday (6/6).

This report was supported by the evidence in a form of photograph and a witness who saw the meeting between Hari Sasangka and Shinta Kencana Kheng. Humphrey explained that the witness saw directly the meeting of those two people in three different occasions: March 30, 2011, May 25, 2011 at noon and May 25, 2011.

"Establishing a relationship with the parties related to the case is not allowed, moreover, meeting Shinta who is a victim-witness in a car at night in several different places," said Humphrey.

Meanwhile the Head of Supervision and Investigation Judge, Supaman Marjuki who was receiving Anand's attorney said that Hari Sasangka's act inhumiliate the judges' image.

"Yudicial Commission will held a follow up to this report. The report is sufficient for further actions, if it is proven, Hari can be dismissed," said Suparman.

Source: http://rimanews.com/read/20110607/30921/hari-sasangka-has-affair-shinta-kencana-kheng

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