Maret 24, 2011

Anand Krishna: The Inspiration of Life

This note was translated from Bahasa Indonesia to English by Sister Sylvia and Her beloved Husband who are working at Belgium now.

Wednesday (16/3), although he was weak, Anand Krishna kept his promise to go to court in the State Court of South Jakarta. This productive author of more than 140 books arrived at Ampera Raya Street at 14:20 west Indonesian time. Eight days since Wednesday (9/3), the inter-religious spiritual leader has been on a hunger strike in Cipinang Penitentiary.

According to Anand’s son, Prashant Gangtani, his beloved father insisted on coming to the trial because he wanted to convey his message to the judge. “I have asked him before if Bapak was ready. He said he was ready to defend justice,” Prashant said.

Anand Krishna walked with the support of 2 people. When approaching the court room, which has steps, the father of two children suddenly collapsed. Then he was brought to a stuffy temporary detention room.

The irony was that the court was slow to react. The process of getting the bureaucratic permit took more than 50 minutes. Only at 15:10 west Indonesian time Anand could be taken to the nearest hospital, which is Fatmawati Hospital.

A team of doctors took care of him immediately in the emergency room. Anand’s lawyer said his blood pressure rose to 140/90 with a heart pulse of 108. He was feared having a heart attack.

In the afternoon around 17:00 because of the maximum effort of a team of doctors of Fatmawati Hospital, Anand’s condition got better. He was moved from emergency room to the Intensive Care Unit. However the founder of the Anand Ashram institute (which is affiliated with UN) is still critical.

We kindly request the readers to pray, in order that the man of Indian descent born in Surakarta, who always works for the unity and glory of Indonesia, can get over this critical period.

Anand Krishna decided to continue his peaceful struggle, by means of hunger strike, to convey his aspirations. In spite of being a meditator, Anand who is already 54 years old, still has physical limitations because of blood cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

However, the spirit of Anand Krishna never diminishes. Throughout the most difficult time he holds steadfastly to his convictions, those are universal values: Peace, Love, and Harmony.

Su Rahman told about the meeting which left a deep impression on him, when he visited Anand in Cipinang Penitentiary. The director of Cipta Karya Mandiri Jakarta listened to the soft voice Pak Anand, ‘’All this indeed has to happen and I have to experience it and get through’’ Su Rahman continued, ‘’Then he smiled’’ he uttered.

The smile of Anand is a smile of beauty. He gave us the lesson that one should never give in to the power which wishes to silence the humanity of this person.

Anand Krishna is an inspiration for life. We agreed with Gus Nuril who said that the peaceful struggle of Anand Krishna in the style of Mahatma Gandhi in India will certainly trigger a revolution in Indonesia.

A final word for all the activists for humanity wherever they are, don’t ever give in. Let’s us continue the struggle, feel the spirit of the struggle of a human being with the name of Anand Krishna who continuously struggles for human rights. Long live Indonesia!

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