Maret 30, 2011

SOS: Urgently Need Support for Anand Krishna Indonesia

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Wednesday (30/3/2011) Anand Krishna has been on hunger strike for 22 days. No single grain of rice has gone into his stomach since Wednesday (9/3/2011). Anand Krishna is flooded with support from his friends, especially after they were informed that Anand was arrested without authentic evidence.

“I have been practicing my occupation in the field of law for 50 years. This is the first time, I saw something like this. There is a judge who already pronounced a defendant guilty, before he delivers the official verdict of the court,” stated Adnand Buyung Nasution, A Pioneer of Law and Human Rights Activist in Indonesia.

“It is very obvious that noble-minded people who spread peace and who defends unity have no place in Indonesia. It is very dangerous. This will heat up the situation and Mr. Anand could trigger the real revolution,” added Gus Nuril, The General Chairman of Justice and Religious Rights Forum from Indonesia.

“Hail to Humanity! Dear Anand Krishna, these days the warriors of humanity in our Motherland are facing a tremendous ordeal. Are we going to stay loyal to our commitment and conscience in defending the values of civilized humanity like ordered by our forefathers? Or are we going to step back and withdraw and stop here? I am convinced that we will stand tall, no matter how tough the challenges and the struggle we are facing. I remain at the side of Anand Krishna,” supports Djohan Effendy, A Famous Pluralism Figure in Indonesia.

“I expect the trial will give justice to Mr. Anand. And the problem should remain focused, not diverted to other problems,” says Poppy Dharsono, she is A Member of The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia from Central Java Province. “Good children of this nation are those who struggle for their Motherland,” uttered Ida Pedanda Sebali Tianyar Anbawa, The Leader of Sabha Pandita Parisada in Indonesia.

“Om Sairam…. I am very concerned with the condition of Mr. Anand Krishna, may he be able to endure this. God certainly has His own plan for every human being who is struggling for Truth and Justice. Om Sairam…” added Ketut Arnaya from Sai Center Indonesia.

“The arrest indicates that the struggle of Anand irritated certain parties. Therefore, he is silenced forcibly,” said Osmar Oscar Sinurat, S.H as A Chairman of Universal Peace Federation Indonesia “I see a violation of human rights here. Mr. Anand has been very cooperative in standing the trial for 9 months; sometimes he still came although he is ill. However, unexpectedly there is a letter of arrest when the trial is still going on,” expressed Ayu Diah Pasha, Senior Artist from Indonesia.

“The arrest of Anand is an attempt to stop his struggle to educate the society in order to make them aware of diversity. I am concerned by the arrest because it turned out that the trial covers only 10% of the sexual harassment accusation. The rest covers the activities of Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated wit UN). I hope than this case is not diverted and turned into political means to stop Anand’s struggle. May Mr. Anand Krishna get justice with a fair trial,” supported Nong Darol Mahmada, A Women’s Activist from Indonesia.

“Anand is a pioneer of diversity. He has taught the society about national diversity so that we can appreciate the differences. I pity the forcibly arrest of Anand. All this time Anand has been very cooperative in his trial. The Team of Judges should have considered Anand Krishna’s contribution to Indonesia. Moreover, the factor of age that is already 54 should also be taken into consideration. After his collapse in April 2010 Anand has a permanent heart defect and acute diabetes,” explained Muhammad Guntur Romli, A Humanity Activist in Indonesia.

“May God the Almighty give protection and the best way to Mr. Anand who is now facing a difficult ordeal. May the parties that are trying to discredit him receive enlightenment from God the Almighty so that they become conscious. There are many challenges and obstructions in defending goodness on this earth including Indonesia. Don’t surrender Mr. Anand; Indonesia needs somebody like you. Only people afraid of losing the power, influence, narrow-minded, who do not love their motherland, who do not have understanding of Pancasila (5 Indonesian Basic Principles) do not need you. Keep struggling, we will support you although only with prayer,” promised Putu Wiwien Gunawasika, An Entrepreneur, The Ex-Chairman of HIMPI Indonesia.

“We support you wholeheartedly. Mr. Anand had been Gus Dur’s one of his dearest friends and colleagues during his life. I myself have been given privilege by Mr. Anand to speak several times at the Ashram and admired his works and devotion to people’s spiritual enrichment programs. It’s saddened me tremendously to see what all kinds of “fitnahs” that have been inflicted to him physically and psychologically, not to mention his honor and the entire community of his Ashram in the past several months. My prayers and thoughts will always be with him and the community, and May God always protect him and soon be released from such an injustice. Salam Gusdurians!,” said Muhammad AS Hikam, A Pluralism Activist from Indonesia

“Since a long time I knew the affair, I always give the spirit of my conscience to provide with strength to face this peculiar situation. Therefore, don’t worry I’m here around this place and in my meditation. Salam rahayu to all. Thank you,” said GKR Alit.

These supports were translated by Sister Sylvia who is working in Belgium now. Please, give your support also at Thank you very much and Greetings from Indonesia.

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