Maret 24, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Anand Krishna

Anand Krishna’s law case rolls like a snowball. The sexual harassment allegation is merely used as an entry point because of its being highly sensitive value in this country. Now the dominating discourse is the judgment of the progressive thoughts of the founder of Anand Ashram Organization from Indonesia.

Although the trial has been taking place for more than 5 months, the discussion of the initial indictment comprises only 10%. He is charged with violation of article 290 juncto article 294 juncto article 64 of the Book of Criminal Code. The rest investigates the activities of this humanistic figure, who was born 54 years ago.

The coercive closure of the first Interreligious Spiritual Center from Indonesia, which is affiliated with the UN (2006), becomes the predominant agenda. Anand Ashram Organization was founded by the ex-garment-entrepreneur 20 years ago, on January 14th, 1991 in Sunter, North Jakarta, Indonesia.

It is expected – borrowing the allusion of a snake - that if the head is cut off, the activities to evoke the love of Motherland to realize the order of One Earth, One Sky, and One Humankind, which start from meditation training and Self Empowerment in Bandar Lampung, Riau Islands, Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Bali, Singapore, Australia, and Lebanon, come to an end.

Anand is fully aware of this. Through his Team of Lawyers, Anand explained, “Let me die. If that is really what the people who created and funded this case want, in order to silence the voice of nationalism, the mission of harmony, and unity in diversity in Indonesia. I request my friends having the same vision and mission to continue our struggle and not to surrender to the powers which obstruct us. Salam Kasih (salutation with love)”.

The author of 140 books refuses to give in. He continues to struggle behind the iron bars of Cipinang Detention Center. Since Wednesday (9/3) until the writing of this article in Monday (21/3) of the 13th day, Anand Krishna continues his hunger strike. He has not eaten a single grain of rice. It resembles very much the ahimsa struggle of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

He is not cranky and he not going to surrender. But it’s a lesson for all of us. Protest can also be done elegantly without anarchic actions which bothers public order, as often demonstrated by radical groups that worship violence.

According to the author, the hunger strike is the most rational alternative. Why? Because although Anand has always followed the trial procedure cooperatively, without being absent just once, he was thrown in jail by the evil Team of Judges , which is lead by Drs. Hari Sasangka, S.H, M. Hum in the State Court, South Jakarta.

Louise Fenner once told about the trip of Martin Luther King Jr. to India (1959). It appeared that the American civil rights hero obtained his inspiration from the Mahatma. Gandhi, Martin King Jr. and Anand Krishna are convinced that non-violence struggle is an effective weapon for the oppressed to reach freedom and justice.

Gandhi ended the British colonization successfully and he improved the well-being of the Sudra caste, that had never received attention at all (the untouched), without one single bullet. If there was a bullet, it was lodged in his own body.

Gandhi’s goal is to establish a perfect unity in India, in the context of the unity of human beings that implies the world’s universal truth: we are all human beings and we are one big family. It sounds very much the same as the message of Indonesian 1st Presdent named Bung Karno who places Indonesian nationalism in the frame of the diversity of internationalism.

One of the Radio India’s staff discovered a scattered recording of King’s voice. It seemed it was made the day before he left India in 1959. King Jr. said that in his daily life Gandhi practiced the universal principle that is harmonious with the moral structure in the universe. Those principles are unavoidable, like nature’s laws and gravitation.

Anand Krishna carries out this non-violence struggle at this moment. He is scheduled to stand a trial again on the coming Wednesday (16/3). Although his condition is weak and he suffers from diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, Anand continues his hunger strike resolutely for the sake of justice and liberation.

This article was translated from Bahasa Indonesia into English by Sister Sylvia who is working in Belgium now. Monday, March 13, 2011 is the 13th day of Anand Krishna's hunger strike for justice and human rights. We need your prayer and support at:

Thank you very much and greetings from Indonesia

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