Oktober 17, 2011

Anand Evoked People’s Awareness for the Universe

Friday, October 14 2011 17:54 WIB

Denpasar, Indonesia (Antara Bali) – Interfaith spiritual leader Anand Krishna evoked people’s awareness to interpret their life for the sake of the universe.

“We should be able to see the purpose of life as something greater than just for family and personal interests,” Anand said it in his latest book appreciation titled “Karma Yoga for Modern People, Transpersonal Working’s Ethic for the New Age”, in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on Friday (14/10).

Futhermore, Anand Krishna wrote in his book, people have already proved that they could not be able to live alone in the world.

Therefore, if human life is full of greed and all people only work and just thinking about their own self-interest, then it can destroy the world order.

“If we live with greed, we will not have abundant natural resources. It’s in line with the saying of Mahatma Gandhi, this world has enough wealth for all but not enough for the greed of one person,” he said.

Through the teachings of selfless work (Karma Yoga) and transpersonal working’s ethic presented in his book (274 pages), Anand revealed that this value has been existed in the tradition of Indonesian people who have known the spirit of mutual cooperation (gotong-royong) and “banjar” systems.

The concept of selfless work, in Indonesian’s term which is better known, “rame ing gawe, sepi ing pamrih”.

Selfless work does not mean acting without purpose. Transpersonal means a working’s ethic that is based on no personal motive, but it’s intended for the common goal of humanity.

“Working for humanity which is able to save mankind,” he said. (*)

Sources: Antara Bali



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