April 19, 2011

10 Doctors Asked Anand Krishna to Be Released


42 days hunger strike for justice
10 doctors asked Anand Krishna to be released
Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 07:56:00 AM
Report: Teguh Santosa

Anand Krishna


Conducting 42-day hunger strike Anand Krishna's body who is put as prisoners of South Jakarta District Court is lying weakly in Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta.

Yesterday, a team of doctors (10) who monitor the condition of Anand Krishna sent a letter to the Chairman of the South Jakarta District Court, Hari Sasangka. They were explaining about the deadly consequences that can be experienced by Anand Krishna if he is still be detained.

"We knocked on yout conscience immediately, to end the detention and the suffering of AK, so that he can be treated at home and began to eat in order to restore his health. We know very well that the adjustment treatment will need extra time also, " the content of letter signed by ten doctor.

Here is their letter:

We who undersigned are some practitioners medical science, we would like to express our concern over hunger strike conducted by Anand Krishna for 40 days so far.

We believe that Drs. Day Sasangka, SH, M. Hum who has studied pharmaceutical sciences know exactly that:

1. Aminofluid infusion, ivelip, which is given routinely to Anand Krishna, can not replace the function of the common food.

2. Anand Krishna's internal organ conditions experienced disorder and suffered interference, which can be fatal.

3. During the first 8 days in the jail without infusion, AK finally has collapsed in the Dstrict Court because his body was weakened.

4. After 2 weeks of treatment, eventhough the condition of blood pressure, blood sugar, cardiac instability he was still sent back to the jail.

5. At the jail again there was no infusion, in 3 days, his condition was deteriorated and referred to the Police Hospital.

6. Since the first day of a hunger strike until the 23th day, though he has already hospitalized and given intravenous fluids, his body weight decreased 16 kg. Currently it is definitely more than that.

7. At the Police Hospital, the sugar levels dropped to 64, he was not given any injections of glucose, it can be fatal.

8. The nutritionist did not have enough references about the condition of a person who do not eat for 40 days in a conscious state.

Considering those matters, we knocked on the conscience of the jugde, please immediately end the detention and the suffering of AK, so that he can be treated at home and began to eat to restore his health. We know very well that the adjustment will need extra time also.

Although we are not law expert, but neither the law nor medical science equally upholded the humanity and divinity value above all matter.

Signed by:
dr. Djoko Pramono, MM
dr. Janfrional Hutabarat
dr. Lili Indrawati, M. Kes
Dr. Mintardaningsih, SpA
dr. Made Aryawardhana
dr. Wayan Sayoga
dr. Stephanus Hadriyanto
dr. Oka
drg. Ferdinand Dino
dr. I Gede Sudiarta Maratama Surata, S. Ked. [Guh]



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