April 30, 2011

Anand is Convinced that the Allegation Against Him is Merely a Slander

Source: http://www.mediaindonesia.com/read/2011/04/27/221161/37/5/Anand-Krishna-Mogok-Makan-hingga-Ajal-M...

Translated from Bahasa Indonesia by Sylvia who is working in Belgium now.

The big smile of Krishna Kumar Tolaram Gangtani, also often called Anand Krishna, 55, greeted the guests who visited him at the Police Hospital, Kramatjati, East Jakarta. Although his body became weaker, the spirit still radiates from the man, who up to this date already conducted a hunger strike for 49 days.

Since March 9th, Anand started to conduct his action because he felt he was treated unfair. “The sexual allegation against me is not proven in court, but the judge decided arbitrarily to detain me. For that reason, I went on hunger strike to fight against this injustice,” he said softly.

Anand is convinced that the allegation against him is merely a slander. According to him, he has been cooperative by always present at trials, although the trial schedule was determined arbitrarily by the judge, with the knowledge of the prosecutors.

On his 8th day of hunger strike, Anand collapsed when attending a trial in the State Court of South Jakarta. He had been rushed to Fatmawati Hospital before eventually received a treatment in the Police Hospital. The judge and prosecutors ordered Anand to be given intravenous. “I already asked them to remove the intravenous but my request was ignored. I will conduct a hunger strike without a time limit, until my death,” said Anand resolutely.

Anand’s persistence, as considered by Human Rights activist Ifdhal Kasim, showed that he was struggling for truth. According to Ifdhal, somebody will not withstand a hunger strike for 50 days if he is not convinced what he is fighting against is true.

“I plead the Supreme Court to oversee the trial earnestly,” Anand requested.

On the other side, Helmy from the Anand Krishna’s Advocacy Committee revealed many peculiarities which happened at the trial of Anand. Among others is the confession of Tara Pradipta Laksmi, 20, who mentioned that she was treated inappropriately by Anand on March 21st, 2009 in Ciawi, Bogor. In fact, at that moment Anand was having a meeting in Jakarta with a number of people. There is an attendance list and there are witnesses. “Moreover, the report from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital which was made by Dr. Mu’min Idries stated that Tara’s virginity remains normal and intact, no signs of violence has been found in her genitalia,” said Helmy.

Law practitioner Adnan Buyung Nasution , who also visited Anand in the Police Hospital, admitted that he was concerned with the attitude of the judge who is trying this spiritual figure. According to him, the judge behaves as though Anand were guilty without the principle of innocent until proven guilty. The judge’s attitude violated the Criminal Code Procedure and the ethical code of a judge. “The case is in the process, only 9 of 26 witnesses have given their testimony, the demand of the prosecutor and the plea is not heard, and there is no verdict of the court yet. It means that there is not enough evidence to declare Anand guilty,” uttered Buyung.

Because of this arbitrariness Anand Krishna continued to fight without violence. “I am not angry, but I am disappointed with the law which has been corrupted. I expect you and your descendants will not go through the persecution that I experienced,” he said. (Muhammad Fauzi/J-3)





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