April 17, 2011

AS Hikam: Concerned and Proud with Anand Krishna

Translated from Bahasa Indonesia into English by Sylvia.



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“I’m concerned and proud at the same time about Anand Krishna, who makes himself an enlightening and human rights advocacy figure. What he is experiencing is truly betrayed the reformation mandates, demo cratic values, and morality which are upheld by our nation Indonesia,” writes Muhammad AS Hikam in response to the case of this interfaith spiritual activist.

The written testimony of the Minister of Research and Technology during Gus Dur’s era was read in the discussion with the title “The Voice of Justice from Religious Figures and Community Leaders – Thoughts should not be put on trial and criminalized” at the secretariat of Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace, West Cempaka Putih, East Jakarta, Friday (15/4). Also present in the discussion were Utami Pidada, Djohan Effendi, Pater Franz Magnis Suseno, S.J, Minister Mindawati Perangin-angin and Ida Pedande Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa.

“Justice has to be enforced! No other religious figures should undergo what Anand Krishna has to go through. His thoughts have been criminalized and his voice silenced,” explains Ida Pedande. While Djohan Effendi adds, “I hope, the conscience and sense of the judge who is trying this case will be opened for the sake of justice and humanity.”

Pater Franz Magnis Suseno S.J. considers the allegations of sexual harassment against Anand Krishna is a diversion of a big scenario in order to bring down the spiritual figure’s ideas. “I would like to express my incomprehension why Anand Krishna is accused, arrested. He is not dangerous; he is not going to escape,” says the Professor at STF Driyarkara, Jakarta.

Pater Magnis deems the prosecution of Anand Krishna’s thoughts inappropriate attitude in a country which upholds pluralism. “How can the judges agree on this decision, they should carry out the case of Anand Krishna according to justice’s norms. And secondly, in the trial they questioned more about the writings and teachings of Anand Krishna. It is an extraordinary impertinence,” he adds.

Furthermore, Franz Magnis says that the prosecution of Anand is unjust, unfair, and unethical. “I urge the judges not to want to harass the law and carry out conspiracies. I have the impression that now there is no just, fair and ethical trial process. The object of this case is Anand Krishna as a figure with his spirituality, with his openness, is an important figure in the humanitarian openness and pluralism in this country,“he says.

In the discussion, all the religious leaders and society agree to voice the release of Anand Krishna. Since Wednesday 9/3 Anand has been detained with the Letter of Stipulation of the Head of the Team of Judges Hari Sasangka.

Anand Krishna, until Saturday (16/4) has been on hunger strike for 39 days. Without violence he protests against injustice in this country. Although he suffered from leukemia (1991) and now suffers from a permanent heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, the founder of Anand Ashram Organization (affiliated with the UN) refuses to succumb. He continues to struggle with the last energy left. It’s very difficult for him to open his mouth, let alone to wink his eyes. We kindly request your support at http://freeanandkrishna.com/en/ Thank you so much...

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