April 17, 2011

The Prosecution of Anand Krishna is Unfair

The Prosecution of Anand Krishna is Unfair

Reporter : Rizki Syarief

Friday/ April 15th 2011 19:10 West Indonesia Time Zone

Translated from Bahasa Indonesia by Sylvia

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Jakarta—MICOM: A number of inter-religious figures questioned the arrest of the Indonesian spiritual leader Anand Krishna, who has been detained since March 9th 2011. According to one of the religious figures, Pater Franz Magnis-Suseno S.J, the allegations of sexual harassment against Anand Krishna is a diversion of a big scenario to bring down the spiritual figure’s ideas.

“I would like to express my incomprehension why Anand Krishna is accused and arrested. He is not dangerous, he is not going to escape,” said one of the religious figures, Franz Magnis Suseno, when he discussed the topic “The Voice of Justice from Religious Figures and Community Leaders – Thoughts should not be put on trial and criminalized” at the office of Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace, West Cempaka Putih, East Jakarta, Friday (15/4).

Franz Magnis S.J said the prosecution of Anand Krishna’s thoughts inappropriate attitude in a country which upholds pluralism. “How can the judges agree on this decision, they should carry out the case of Anand Krishna according to justice’s norms. And secondly, in the trial they questioned more about the writings and teachings of Anand Krishna. It is an extraordinary impertinence,” he explained.

According to him, the case than afflicts the spiritual figure Anand Krishna is more emphasized to his ideas, not to the sexual harassment allegations. “The object of this case is Anand Krishna as a figure with his spiritualism, with his openness, is an important figure in the humanitarian openness and pluralism in this country,“ he says.

Furthermore, Franz Magnis said that the prosecution of Anand is unjust, unfair, and unethical. “I urge the judges not to want to harass the law and carry out conspiracies. I have the impression that now there is no just, fair and ethical trial process. Other than Franz Magnis Suseno, also present in the discussion were Djohan Effendi, Minister Mindawati Perangin-angin, Ida Pedande Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa. In the discussion all the religious figures agree that Anand Krishna should be released from his allegations.

Note: Urgently need your prayers and supports now at http://freeanandkrishna.com/en/, Anand Krishna is in critical stage, today is the 39th day of hunger strike. He lost 25 kg weight. It's hardly to open his mouth and eyes. Thank you....

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