April 06, 2011

Letter to UN for Free Anand Krishna Indonesia

Dear all friends

Below is a letter from a beloved friend on Peacenext http://www.peacenext.org/ named Gerard Barrie. He helps us to support Anand Krishna, a spiritual activist from Indonesia. Mr. Anand continues hunger strike for Indonesian justice. Today is 29th day.

Gerard has sent a few messages to different government buildings and media departments concerning the case of Anand's detention in prison. Unfortunately, although he wrote to some UN departments but he wasn't able to find the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's contact address.

We urgently need your help to sent this letter to the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's contact address ask them to pledge the Indonesian Government. You can copy this letter and send to the government or to mass media or to your social network like Mr. Gerard did.

Help free Anand Krishna by signing up http://www.freeanandkrishna.com/en// or http://www.geopetition.com/petition/43856.html

Many Thanks and Love Greetings from Indonesia


Your Excellency

I am writing to you to petition for the release of interfaith spiritual activist Anand Krishna who has been on hunger strike since the time of his detention in prison in Indonesia on March 9th.

Anand Krishna is on trial in Jakarta accused of sexually assaulting a former student, Tara Laksmi which is a claim that he denies and although he has been very cooperative in attending the court trials since August 2010 and suffers from permanent heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, at a hearing on March 9th,2011 in the South Jakarta District Court, the Judge Panel chaired ordered he be detained in prison.

Anand Krishna's lawyer Darwin Aritonang SH has pointed out that this action clearly violates the law as a person could be arrested before final verdict due to three points of consideration,which are preventing the suspect from removing evidence,preventing the suspect's escape and preventing the suspect from repeating hi/her criminal action and he said "All of those premises are irrelevant in this case".

The human rights figure and lawyer Adnand Buyong Nasution has also expressed his doubts over this procedure saying "I have been practicing my occupation in the field of law for 50 years.This is the first time I saw something like this. There is a judge who already pronounced a defendant guilty before he delivers the official verdict of court."

Anand Krishna denies the charge that has been brought against him and claims it was devised by elements who oppose his multi-religious views.

These unfortunate events have come about at a time when it appears that a small but very powerful section of the religious community is striving for the implementation of religious-based law in Indonesia despite the heterogeneous nature of it's population.

Anand Krishna's refusal to eat is a protest at the court's decision to jail him when he had been appearing in court since the trial got under way last August and pointing to a "conspiracy behind this foul drama" he said he would not give up his strike until he is freed "My hunger strike therefore goes on until I'm released from this unlawful arrest" he said.

Through his actions, Anand Krishna has been an advocate of peace and understanding among the people's of his country Indonesia.

He has spoken to millions through television shows,radio talks,in-house trainings,books,newspaper interviews and articles,as well as daily meetings and workshops held at Anand Ashram (affiliated with the United Nations),One Earth Retreat Center, Anand Krishna Center and Graha Indonesia which he established.

I am therefore writing to you in order to draw your attention to the unjust treatment that Anand Krishna has received through his detention in prison and in the hope that you may be able to help in ensuring he is released from prison and faces a fair trial.

Kind regards

Gerard Barrie

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